CHEF is a company that has been processing and selling top-quality fresh and frozen seafood products for over 20 years and offers a dynamic and professional service for the catering industry, embracing the entire sector including group caterers, wholesalers, fine dining, take-away providers, fishmongers, hotels and bars.

To achieve these results, CHEF’s managing director Alessandro Scarponi has given an honest and modern imprinting to his team, focusing attention on the quality of the offer, the promptness of service, the completeness of the range and the expertise and know-how of company personnel.

With over 500 product groups, the vast range includes branded imports, locally-sourced and imported fresh fish, semi-processed products and ready-to-cook or ready-to-prepare products processed at our premises or on board the fishing crafts, all specially designed to guarantee an offer that is always ready and worthy of a well-informed and aggressive market. All CHEF products are divided into several lines, from select, green-star imports to fresher than fresh products, to silver-star products and so on. This means that two fundamental things instantly come to light: firstly, that CHEF really does specialize in the seafood sector and secondly, that the immense range of products rightly consecrates it as a leader in the Italian seafood products market.

Zone di pesca FAO.